Country of 525 Indigenous Grapes Varieties

The abundance and diversity of wild and cultural vines in different parts of Georgia

Divers Vine Variety

Georgia is rightly considered to be the homeland of vines and one of the oldest centers of viticulture and winemaking, as evidenced by the abundance and diversity of wild and cultural vines in different parts of Georgia. There are few countries in the world that are distinguished by such diversity of vine varieties as in Georgia. According to the current data, 525 vine varieties have been recognized in Georgia, of which 440 are preserved in public and private collection vineyards.

Climat and Location

The location of Georgia, the diversity of its nature created favorable conditions for development of viticulture.

Key factors that influence the growth and development of vines, namely: tempetature, humidity, situation of land towards the Sun, altitude, soil components - all of these conditions are harmoniously adapted to viticulture regions in Georgia, which allows for production of high quality wines.

As a result of centuries-old conscious hard work of the people of Georgia individual vine-growing regions were identified and developed with vine varieties best adapted to environmental conditions of these regions.

According to regional appellation of grape varieties the following quantitative list has been specified to date: Kakheti - 80, Imereti - 75, Kartli - 72, Samegrelo - 60, Apkhazeti - 58, Guria - 53, Adjara - 52, Racha-Lechkhumi - 50