The land of wine culture and tradition

Georgia is the oldest country of viticulture and winemaking where relevant traditions has been continuously maintained for generations.

Vineyard and wine in the life of Georgians

Affection of Georgians for vine trees and grapes has been expressed in different aspects of their life throughout the centuries. Vine tree and wine have been closely related to the everyday life of Georgians, which explains obvious deep integration of viticulture and winemaking with various fields of Georgian culture such as folk song, architecture, engraving art, etc.

The Christian faith has added to the perception of the wine and the vineyard in Georgian consciousness. Sacred connotation of Red Wine and the Vineyard - the former perceived as the blood of the Savior and the latter associated with the Christ and the Holy Virgin, would intensify Georgians' feeling towards wine and the vineyard.

In the mideaval period the main monastic complexes, with wine cellars and vineyards, represented distinguished centers of viticulture and winemaking. Alaverdi, Nekresi, Ikalto monasteries still expose Qvevris and grape crushers of different ages. The situation was similar in Georgian monasteries outside of Georgia in Palestine, Jerusalem and Mount Athos.

Qvevri and Wine of Zedashe

Zedashe primarily represented the Chalice Wine and the technology to make it was not different. Zedashe Wine implied a special noble attitude to handle the wine both during the process of making and storing it. This special care was conditioned by the main target purpose of the Zedashe Wine - to become the Blood of Savior in the course of Eucharistic Service to be consumed by the people of faith in the form of Holy Communion for forgiveness of sins.

Georgian Feast and Polyphonic Songs

Georgian polyphonic song originates from ancient times and is related to the spiritual and everyday life of Georgians. It embodies Georgians' spiritual aspirations, moral values, kindness, patriotic and heroic commitment. Georgian polyphonic song is a spiritual food related to all aspects of life. Georgians sing during Christian Liturgy, physical work, feasting, at times of joy or grieving.